Get ready for a jazzy party that's six times the fun!
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This quirky bunch of talented musicians is a traditional jazz band that delivers swinging tunes with a side of humour. With their trumpet, trombone, clarinet, banjo, double bass, and drums, they'll have you tapping your feet and laughing in perfect harmony.

You will dance

We're a six-piece band

Have you ever seen a six-piece band playing two meters away from you ?
You have no idea what this can do to your body and mind.

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We'll blow your mind

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What type of event ?

The Big One

We're flexible

We offer different shows for different occasions. Contact us to find out more

We have nice clothes

We offer a selection of looks: tropical, formal and quirky vintage

The best music for any event

For more subdued events, we offer background music that goes great with canapés, cocktails and conversations.

Popular Hair Styles

Style, Songs and Swing

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We pride ourselves on infecting people with joy

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This is True

People forget about their smartphones

and stop staring at them altogether when they listen to us
A band for any event

How big you do want the band ? We can adapt to your needs and budget

We can play any song you like

And make something special for you. Yes, we play that crazy song you like too.

A romantic serenade… why not

For more formal parties we offer background music, slower tempo ballads.

If you've seen us live, you know what we're talking about... if you haven’t, then ask someone who has.